Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


The aim and objects of the Association shall be:

1. To maintain, improve and foster a feeling of brotherhood and fellowship and close coordination amongst members with a view to develop their functioning and activities as much as possible for rendering maximum service to the public.

2. To take all steps to safeguard the professional interests of Consulting Civil Engineers.

3. To encourage research and free discussion on architectural and engineering problems and to publish periodicals and other publications regarding matters of interest to the Association.

4. To organize social, cultural and educational activities for the benefit of members.

5. To co-operate with similar other Associations for mutual benefit.

6. To deal with such matters as may be considered necessary for the welfare of the members.

7. To demonstrate the appropiate and advanced technolgy.

8. To establish a common platform for Consulting Civil Engineers to develop better understanding of Architecture and Engineering and to project the same to the public at large for the benefit of all.

9. To disseminate knowledge by holding conferences, workshops, meetings, seminars, Training, competitions and gatherings either at local, national or international level or to conduct manage encourage or sponsor tours in the country or abroad on the subjects effecting or related to the professions or the Society in general either solely or in association with other institutions, Associations, Societies, or body or bodies or to participate in workshops meetings, seminars conferences gathering tours debates or discussions etc. held by other associations, institutions, societies. To represent & to take active participation with the local and statutory authorities of Govt. etc. in framing rules, regulations, enchantments for the benefit of fraternity and public at large and to assume initiative for implementation as deem fit.

10. To promote harmonies and co-ordinate better mode of quality control and construction management to translate the efforts of all concerned professionals and for that purpose to devise create necessary information study or study courses of short and longer duration leading to better construction management.

11. To promote the benefit of professionals practice and its advantage in the rural area and to take, devise or arrange necessary steps and actions for such purpose either solely or in co-operation with other likeminded association, Institution, body or bodies.

12. Generally to act for the common benefit of members in order to achieve better position and working in the society and also to act as a arbitrator in dispute between members on professional matters if requested to do so by the parties to dispute and to assist for the appointment of arbitrator/s etc.